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June 2024: "Our engagement with EI-Technologies MENA has grown into a strong partnership over the years. Not only do EI-Technologies MENA provide us with system support, but they are also a digital consultant to us with issues related to our digital roadmap. The journey so far has been excellent. Very professional team, dedicated to their work and cause, with strong and diverse technical capabilities and expertise. I would highly recommend EI-Technologies MENA as a Salesforce partner and digital consultant."

Mr. Saad Al-Masri
Strategic Projects Manager

January 2023: "The team gave us lot of advice and was not limited to the scope in order to have a better application They helped us improve our internal business flows and processes. We wish all our projects are like this one. Although it was a virtual project, it merits a 10 out of 10 on performance, from proposal to the satisfaction survey."

Mr. Raja’ei Z. Noursi
General Manager

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May 2024: "Great team, great quality of work, and excellent operation, our experience with EI-Technologies MENA is longstanding, and built on trust that has extended over years."

Mr. Ali Najdi,
Project Lead at AccessCore

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May 2024: "We are delighted to share our experience working with EI Technologies on the implementation of our CRM system related to facility management. This is the second successful implementation in a row that we have achieved with their expert guidance, and we couldn't be more satisfied. The collaboration with EI Technologies has been exceptionally smooth. Their team demonstrated outstanding availability and responsiveness, always ready to address any concerns or challenges we faced. Their problem-solving skills are truly exemplary, ensuring that any issues were swiftly and effectively resolved. EI Technologies’ unwavering support and expertise were crucial in achieving our goals."

Mr. Rani Abdallah, Director of Tendering, Engineering and Procurement

July 2023: "Our experience partnering with EI Technologies for our CRM implementation was nothing short of exceptional, throughout the entire process. EI Technologies demonstrated an outstanding level of assistance and responsiveness. Their proactive communication fostered effective collaboration, and we always felt well-supported and informed at every stage. What truly distinguished EI Technologies was their profound understanding of our business requirements. They invested time in delving into the particulars of our operations, resulting in a tailor-made solution that perfectly aligned with the specific needs and workflows of our business. Their commendable expertise in working with Salesforce empowered us to make well-informed decisions and fully leverage the platform's capabilities. In summary, we unreservedly recommend EI Technologies prospective client seeking a reliable. knowledgeable, and dedicated team for their Salesforce CRM needs. Their ability to deliver tailored solutions that perfectly caters to any business. combined with their expertise, makes them an invaluable asset."

Mr. Rani Abdallah, Director of Tendering, Engineering and Procurement
Ms. Micheline Moussa, Market Intelligence & Prequalification Manager

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Galleria Mall

May 2024: "EI Technologies-MENA adds value to the company. They have incredible customer service and dedication. The staff members exhibit a high level of professionalism and possess an impressive quantity of expertise."

Mr. Arun Natarajan
Systems Analyst

June 2023: "I can confidently say that my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I engaged with this partner, they demonstrated their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering top-notch Salesforce solutions."

Mr. Jafer Alhudhud
Digital Technology Manager 

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Asteri Beauty

March 2024: "You can always rely on EI-Technologies Mena Team to be next to you to support your needs, their knowledge, accessibility and flexibility are admirable. A true Salesforce partner that can bring real and tangible added value to your Business."
Mr. El Hajj
IT Manager

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March 2024: "Our experience with EI-Technologies MENA has been exceptional. They demonstrated expertise, efficiency, and robust support throughout the implementation process. Their tailored approach, proactive problem-solving, and dedication to continuous improvement have been instrumental in optimizing our Salesforce instance. I highly recommend them to any organization seeking a reliable partner for their Salesforce journey."

Mr. Rony Beainy
Information Systems Director

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August 2023: "I am delighted to share our positive experience with EI Technologies and their implementation of Sales Cloud for Maliatec. Their professionalism and tailored solutions made the process seamless. They understood our business processes, providing ongoing support and resulting in improved sales efficiency. Managing customer relationships is now easier, and our team can close deals more effectively. We plan to work with EI Technologies again for the Marketing Cloud, as we have full confidence in their ability to deliver results. I highly recommend EI Technologies to any company seeking Salesforce implementation, given their expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction, and exceptional service."

Mr. Peter Chalhoub, Regional Sales Manager.

"The team at EI-Technologies demonstrated true professionalism throughout the entire process.
They took the time to understand our business processes and provided tailored solutions that made the implementation of Sales Cloud seamless and efficient. The team was always available to answer our questions and provide ongoing support.
As a result of their hard work, we have seen a significant improvement in our sales processes and overall efficiency. We are now able to manage our customer relationships more effectively, and our team is better equipped to close deals and drive revenue.
I highly recommend EI-Technologies to any company looking to implement Salesforce. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction are second to none."

Mr. Mario Akl
General Manager of Maliatec

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Association Philippe Jabre

June 2023 "The implementation of the project was very smooth, the deliverables had a very good quality, and everything was on time.
The team has a lot of expertise, they are responsive and listen to any complaint and they do their best to provide the right solutions.
The application is very user friendly, it keeps us happy!
We are very happy with our relation with EI Technologies MENA."

Ms. Joumana Sabbagh
Responsible, Association Philippe Jabre

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June 2023: "Great Service - Highly recommended."

Mr. Mridul Ashok
Head of Operations and Risks

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Saudi Xerox

June 2023 "EI enjoys a very supportive and consultative team , with a deep understanding of our business, they always stand in our shoes and make sure that we deliver exceptional quality to our customers, never missed a deadline and always available."

Mr. Ahmed Alkasaby
Ms. Abeer Aifan
Marketing Director

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June 2023 "EIT team was very professional, understood our business and implemented our requirements effectively. I highly recommend them and would use them for our next phases of the project."

Mr. Charbel Barakat 
IT Manager

December 2023 "EI-Technologies MENA is a great partner for Salesforce implementations. They are responsive and communicative with great project management best practices. They have been able to guide us through our Salesforce implementation and develop custom solutions that meet our business needs."

Ari Moskowitz
Trading Digital Coordinator - Sucafina

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May 2023: "Very reliable, all deadlines fulfilled, professional team."

Mr. Lukasz Skorupa
EVP Commercial For Menzies Aviation 

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Saudi Airlines Catering

May 2023: "After we signed up with Salesforce, we decided to move forward with EI-Technologies MENA as our implementation agent, a decision that proved to be 100% right. From day one, the team at EI-technologies MENA listened to our detailed requirements and even made their own recommendations for additional options. They managed to add value to our process as well as deliver as per the agreed upon time frame. The team was always available to answer our questions and point us in the right direction. We are very pleased with the service provided as well as the end result system.  EI-Technologies MENA would be our go to for future implementation requirements."

May 2023 "Extremely professional and always have additional insight into various ways of improving the implementation requirements".

Mrs. Nabila Afifi
Senior Director, IFC sales and Customer Service.

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May 2023 "I highly recommend EI technologies for their commitment & collaborative approach. Their resources are quite professional, take ownership, & team players."

Ms. Zeina Hani
Head of Digital Services - IT Department

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March 2023: "Three years into a financial and economic crisis, with frequent power cuts and limited career opportunities, the employment situation in Lebanon is far from easy.
Which makes the work that Neo-dis is doing in up-skilling unemployed people and placing them in reliable, Salesforce ecosystem jobs - with 18 months paid employment guaranteed - all the more remarkable.
Read how they are up-skilling the Lebanese workforce to create career opportunities, nurture talent and potential, and ensure companies are equipped to thrive in an increasingly digital economy."

Mr. Mukesh Kumar
Regional Vice President, Middle East Alliance & Channels

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