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Time to aspire for Digital Customers

Digital Customer

What is a Digital Customer?

A customer who interacts with a company only virtually, without any physical contact, neither with people, nor in company locations. Even payments are now being done through a virtual crypto currency.

How does a Digital Customer interact with a company?

Through social media, websites, emails, mobile apps, blockchain.

Should companies cater for Digital Customers?

The digital customer is a reality we cannot ignore. After the “mobile-only” customer who ditched laptops and desk phones, here comes the “digital-only” customer who demands a robust shopping experience. It’s now unthinkable to imagine a commerce without digital channels.

What do Digital Customers demand?

Briefly, they want the companies’ products and services to be attractively available, and conveniently reachable, through any channel of their choice and they want their purchasing experience to be personalized and simple.

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What that means:
  1. Omni-channel: When interacting with a business, the digital customers want to be able to seamlessly use multiple channels, anytime, anywhere, and start off from where they left in the previous session, without having to renter data already provided.Digital customers want the information related to their query to be consistent across all channels.
  2. Reachability: The digital customers want to be able to find their preferred channels easily and want them to be available, operational and reliable anytime, anywhere.
  3. Convenience: Digital customers want to see clear and up to date information about products and services and a one-stop-shop for end to end transactions.They demand quick and efficient end to end live support for any case they raise.
  4. Simplicity and ease of use: No matter what channel they use, digital customers want guided, simple navigation that is easy to follow from beginning to end. Any complex, long and counter intuitive design will cause the users to abandon their quest.
  5. Personalization: There is no friendlier greeting than a personal one. Recognizing a digital customer in person, utilizing history data to automatically present their preferences and customizing their interaction is the ultimate experience a shopper can get.

When can a company claim digital readiness?

Companies usually mix between having IT systems, computers for their employees, email and websites, and even an e-commerce platform that can be accessed via several channels… and being digitally ready. Introducing digital tools in marketing, sales, or customer service is not enough. Those are only tools and on their own, they carry very little weight for the customer perception, and in some cases, will even add unnecessary complexity into the process.

Digital maturity is a long journey and companies are at different stages on that journey.

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When can a company claim it meets the Digital Customer’s needs?

Depending on the DX stage in which a company is, and how the holistic CX fits into the DX strategy, it becomes easier to determine how close that company is to meeting the Digital Customer needs. 

A digital experience strategy consists of rethinking how to engage customers and how to provide them with a CX that is best of class, through and after the digital transformation.


The ultimate sign of Digital Experience maturity is when Digital Customers, can find what they’re looking for and solve all their problems, naturally, virtually in any digital channel, without having to overcome interaction with systems or peoples’ obstacles and without any physical interaction. 

At EI-Technologies MENA, our consultants listen to your demands, attend to your requirements and help you execute your digital strategy to create the ultimate environment for Digital Customers.