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Our consultancy approach helps you build and evolve your Digital Transformation Strategy by leveraging our multisectoral experience and our geographical presence in the Middle East and Europe. Our team of consultants will support you in the development of your digital transformation roadmap with solutions designed to embracing its adoption, thus paving the way for both a Digital Client and a Digital Employee experience.
EI-Technologies MENA's methodology is designed for CRM adoption and change management. Our methodology has been enhanced over more than 10 years with the multitude of successful projects. Our goal is to help our clients optimize their teams' productivity and efficiency. To this end, we support users in their learning journey, we take their feedback into account and we actively communicate internally by implementing the concepts of Champions, Sponsors and “Train the Trainer”.

By leveraging our expertise and harnessing the full power of AI within CRM systems, we transform the way businesses operate. Our focus is on seamlessly integrating advanced AI technologies, such as OpenAI, with your existing CRM, ensuring a significant boost in efficiency and customer experience. With our consultancy, you'll discover how AI can enhance your CRM capabilities, enabling smarter predictions, faster decision-making, and the creation of tailored content. Experience the synergy of AI and CRM, and unlock new levels of operational excellence and business intelligence.  We map and unify your data to explore and visualize it in the analytical Tableau and business intelligence tools.

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